South City thugs pilfer tourist's cash ... and hair 


These hair-brained crooks gave their victim a trim. Four men violently robbed a tourist in South San Francisco on Monday – not only stealing cash, but also a clump of his hair, police said.

The Hispanic men beat the 34-year-old tourist from Southlake, Texas, to the ground in the 100 block of Gateway Boulevard. They attacked him on the street around 10 p.m., punching him in the face and stomach before swiping all of his cash, police spokeswoman Sgt. Joni Lee  said.

Then one of the suspects whipped out a silver pocket knife and cut a clump of hair from the top of his head.

"[The suspect] said 'Watch this,' then he cut the piece of hair," Lee said.

The unwanted haircut was "too strange" and likely just a bad joke, Lee said.

"The guy has short hair," she said. "He didn't cut a big ponytail off or anything."

The suspects fled on foot. None are in custody.

The victim did not call police about the robbery until Tuesday morning. He was about to catch a flight back to Texas at San Francisco International Airport when he told airport police that he felt ill and couldn't fly, Lee said.

Airport cops arranged the tourist's transport to Peninsula Hospital. He was interviewed about the robbery at the hospital by South City cops, Lee said. He was not admitted to the hospital.

"He's fine," Lee said. "He's probably already home."

The victim could provide a vague description of the suspects, saying they were in their early 30s and all were wearing dark clothing.

Though unusual, crime involving impromptu haircuts has happened before. Last year in Milwaukie, Ore.,  a 22-year-old man was arrested after at least eight women reported that he had either cut or glued their hair as they road in a public bus.

Anyone with information on this robbery is encouraged to call South City police at (650) 877-8900.

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