Souder: My hypocrisy does not nullify morality 

In a humbling interview with the Journal Gazette, former Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., offers a defense of his advocacy of higher morality in the midst of a media onslaught calling them into question:

He said he didn’t scramble to have the video removed from his congressional website because “everything I said in the video is true.”

“I’ve even acknowledged that it’s difficult,” he said of sex outside of marriage. “I said this in my (resignation) statement, but I passionately feel it: The ideas aren’t proven right or wrong whether an individual fails. The whole Old Testament, from an evangelical perspective, is to show that man can’t be perfect. And the whole point of the New Testament is to show that Christ sacrifices for it.

Souder said there might be a silver lining in the cloud of scorn the video has produced.

“If some people see this abstinence video, I’m living proof of what we’re saying in it. If they actually listen to the words, maybe it’s worth it.

“Just because a Christian says something and fails does not mean their words are wrong. If you took that principle, you should never advocate something where you’re doing less than you think you should be doing. But it hurts the cause.”

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