Sometimes big business can be good for business 

So Petco wants to open a store in the Richmond. I am a locksmith who, though not pro-Petco, is pro-commerce in the neighborhood. Empty storefronts along the Geary Boulevard corridor are bad for business.

Petco might theoretically affect a small pet business six blocks away from the proposed location. But most people buy their pet food at supermarkets or discount outlets. The argument that people will buy their pet food from the small pet stores if Petco doesn’t move in is spurious. What isn’t theoretical is that the doughnut shop next to the old Walgreens lost 30 percent of its business when Walgreen’s relocated.

Other small businesses in the neighborhood can’t survive if the area keeps declining. I spoke with Supervisor Eric Mar and asked him what he would propose for the location if Petco doesn’t move in. I’m still waiting for an answer.

Brian Jones, San Francisco

Play by the rules

Muni operators must abide by basic, common-sense work rules. Muni managers must have the ability to penalize employees who break the rules. Muni operators should not be eligible for overtime pay unless they have actually worked a full 40 hours in a calendar week. Proposition G was overwhelmingly passed by voters to ensure these very rules.

If the cost to validate Prop. G is the loss of federal dollars and the loss of the Central Subway and other projects, so be it.

Tom Hubbard, San Francisco

Saved from subway scam

More power to the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A to get federal funds withheld from the Central Subway billion-dollar boondoggle to nowhere. The Central Subway is an ill-conceived project that will serve no one except Chinatown property owners along the proposed route. It is nothing but political payback.

Lee Goodin, San Francisco

Keep friends close
There is only one democracy in the Middle East and that country is Israel. It is the only true ally in the area. Why is our president attacking it? The logic of this administration is becoming more confusing by the day. What is our foreign policy? Do we have one?

We seem to be catering to dictators and despots throughout the world. Does anyone think this will make this country respected throughout the world? With all of the problems facing this nation, why are we throwing our friends under the bus?

Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose

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