Some sage advice for winter storm damage victims 

Tully Lehman, the insurance industry spokesman with the Insurance Information Network of California, has some words of advice for Bay Area residents contending with winter storm damage.

What’s the most common insurance-related issue in the winter storm season? One obviously is any kind of water damage. A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover rainwater, whether it’s coming in through a window or a leak in your roof. But flood insurance actually complements the homeowner’s insurance policy; it covers any damage from water that is rising.

What sort of coverage is there for landslides? There is no coverage for landslides. There isn’t even a separate policy for that.

What should people do then? The best thing to do if you have any damage of this nature is to call your insurer anyway. Somebody will come out to determine what kind of coverage you have.

Do renters have any special concerns? If you’re in a rental, if it floods, that’s going to be on the landlord’s policy, it will be their responsibility to cover those damages. However, be aware that if you don’t have a flood policy for contents, you’re going to be replacing your belongings.

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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017


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