Some deep thinking on health care 

One of my favorite pundits is Walter Russell Mead, and I say this even though I often find myself disagreeing with him. Disagreeing, and thinking hard about whether I was really right after all. He’s got a great blogpost up at The American Interest about health care, which I think hits the target square in the middle on the main problem with the Democrats’ health care bills:

"The current bill is a classic example of steady state, blue social model thinking: it is more interested in keeping the status quo going by pumping more money into it than it is in the basic restructuring needed to build a system that will work in the future."

He follows up with his vision of health care in the future, in which computers will provide easy access to consumers of all the latest information on health care:

"Still, it is overwhelmingly likely that training for people in the health care system by and large will shift from packing all the knowledge needed for scientific diagnosis into their heads into providing them with skills to carry out special functions that machines cannot do (like, perhaps, surgery) or to provide the emotional support and bedside manner that people need. Machines will drive the health care train; people will help you feel better about the journey."

I’m not sure I agree with Mead’s vision. But it is something I’ll be thinking about.

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