'So Not the Cleavers' takes aim at Prop. 8 

Local comedian Dan St. Paul and three compatriots are swinging through the Bay Area performing “So Not the Cleavers.” Tonight’s show at Cobb’s Comedy Club was canceled, but there are others this week at different venues. Half of the ticket proceeds benefit the American Foundation for Equal Rights to repeal Proposition 8. For more information, visit www.sonotthecleavers.com.

How did the idea for “So Not the Cleavers” come about?
As a native San Franciscan, I was appalled that outside interests had funded Prop 8. For Mormons and evangelicals to dictate California law is an outrage. I don’t go to your state and say you have to drink espresso! Since their primary argument revolved around the raising of children, I decided to put together a show of gay and straight parents. The idea is to demonstrate that parents are parents no matter who they lie next to at night.

How real or fictional is the show? All comedians exaggerate, but the basis of the jokes is truth.

What do you hope to bring to the audience?
Evidence that we all go through the same stuff. Our kids are going to turn out to be who they are. A gay parent will have a straight kid. A straight parent will have a gay kid. It’s out of our hands. If my son wants to wear 3-inch heels, fine, but no skateboarding!

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