Sleigh Bells rock, are ya’ listening? You should be 

We’ve been banging this you’ve-gotta-hear-them drum for a full year now — New York noise-punk duo Sleigh Bells, and its 2010 “Treats” debut, are just great.

When sugary vocalist Alexis Krauss and ex-Poison The Well guitarist Derek Miller get together, it feels something akin to being offered a lavish, whip-creamed dessert at the same time a cauldron of scalding medieval oil is turret-poured down onto your head.

And here’s how popular the group is becoming — they’ve already sold out two nights at The City’s Independent, next Monday and Tuesday, and they’ve just added a third bonus night at The Rickshaw Stop. They’ve even reportedly been involved with Beyonce’s sonically adventurous new album, along with Diplo.

Sleigh Bells actually performs at such banshee decibels that they’ve been known to blow out an average club’s monitors.

How did this sweet-and-sour combination click?

“My dad’s a full-time musician, so I grew up around music, and I started doing TV when I was very young,” says Krauss, who was overseeing 4th graders as part of the Teach For America program when she met Miller. “And when I was 13, I was cast into this girl group which came off a Nickelodeon show I was doing — The Gunk Girls. Girls plus Funk equals Gunk – geddit? But it certainly wasn’t the music I was going home and listening to, and due to business reasons, we eventually disbanded. And I was so disillusioned with music that I went in a different, more academic direction, and blew off doing anything involved with music, full-time. Until I found the right person to work on it with, that is!”

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