Site update: We've moved back to our prior commenting system 

Since our redesign, we've received a lot of feedback. Perhaps the most frequently mentioned item, however, has been our commenting system for blog posts and articles.

On our previous site, The Examiner had partnered with a company called Disqus to provide comments. It offered users a lot of flexibility however it did not allow us to provide a customized user experience and build our community.

We've now decided for several reasons (among them site performance and spam comments) that this was not the right decision and have returned to using Disqus.

Thank you for bearing with us and using the new system in spite of its shortcomings and thanks to the many readers who e-mailed us with feedback. Your feedback helped us push for a return to our old system. We are confident that Disqus is the best commenting system and we will not change it back.

Please note that as before, all comments on the site are subject to our terms of use. Your use of the comment system means that you may periodically be offered various newsletter products, however, your name and email will not ever be given to another web site. As a user you will always have the power to turn off any unwanted content.

Please continue to use the reader feedback box at for any additional questions and comments.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Billings
Online Editor

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