Site of old Burlingame drive-in wins development bid 

Ten years after Burlingame’s drive-in movie theater closed, the vacant Beach Road property could be getting some new tenants.

An application to develop the 16-acre site was submitted to the city’s Planning Department this month, Planning Manager Maureen Brooks said.

The plans submitted by Millennium Partners — a developer of luxury hotels and condominiums — include more than 700,000 square feet of floor space and a realignment of Airport Boulevard.

Brooks said this is the first application for the property in more than a decade.

Plans, though, are not concrete, Brooks said. Similar to all city projects, the proposed development will go through review, an environmental process and public comment period before construction can begin.

“There’s still lots of review to do,” she said. “We need to review plans for completeness, review with other departments, get an environmental consulting firm on board then go for scoping with the Planning Commission and public comment before construction can happen.”

Tentatively the plans call for development of 730,000 square feet of office space. As part of the project, the developers will also straighten a curve in Airport Boulevard.

“If you miss it, you go right into the Bay,” Brooks said of the sharp curve in the road now. “The road goes through the property; they’d like to straighten it.”

Brooks said Burlingame has wanted to realign the road for some time and this project allows for it to happen during development of the site.

The intention of the building is biotech, but tenants have not been chosen, Brooks said.

Representatives from Millennium could not be reached for comment. A spokesperson, however, did confirm an application for the site, located at 350 Beach Road, had been submitted.

Though actual development is still years out, elected officials are looking forward to the economic growth.

Vice Mayor Terry Nagel said she is looking forward to this project.

“It’s one of many coming to our city,” she said. “And we would love any kind of business.”

The Burlingame Drive-in first opened in the 1960s, according to the Burlingame Historical Society. It began with two movie screens, a children’s play area and concession stand. Two more screens were added in the 1970s.

The drive-in showed its last film in the 1990s and was demolished in the early 2000s.

Films to biotech?

An application was submitted to develop the former Burlingame Drive-in location.

1 Location

16 Acres

10 Years vacant

730,000 Square feet of office space

Source: City of Burlingame

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