Sit out the ride-along: D.C. cops crash constantly 

You might want to avoid the Police Ride-Along Program, a local program that allows both students and adult residents a chance to sit in a Metropolitan police car during a ‘tour of duty.’

The Examiner reported this morning that nearly one in two D.C. police vehicles are involved in an accident annually. To be fair, the MPD noted that they log many more vehicles miles traveled than other departments – thus making their fleet more prone to accidents.

The MPD fleet consists of 1,500 cars, and 237 of those cars were involved in “preventable accidents” last year – or in Layman’s terms, an accident that never should of happened.

At least three officers failed to “put their car in park,” officers sideswiped cars in parking lots, and reversed into “fixed objects.” There were no fatalities resulting in the crashing in 2009, but there was a case where a pedestrian was struck and killed in 2007. The case is still pending, and the family of the deceased has filed suit.

AAA noted that police officers are often “the worst drivers out there.”

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