Simple solution to noise from concerts in park 

Many residents of the Outer Sunset agree that the sound of heavily amplified bass and drums emanating from concerts such as Outside Lands held in Golden Gate Park must stop.

The solution to the noise problem is readily available — if in fact city government and concert promoters want to solve it. Concerts should be required to hire an independent sound-measuring company to quantify concert noise inside complaining residents’ homes. When sound levels are measured and found to be too high, require the concert volume to immediately be reduced until the noise becomes undetectable.

The Sunset and Richmond districts are not necessarily opposed to concerts inside the park — if the sound actually stays in the park. But a majority of residents are opposed to concerts with noise that spills out of the park and invades residents’ homes across a period of three days and nights.

Riley B. Van Dyke, San Francisco


BART cell service

Since when is BART cellphone service a right? It’s a privilege that you earn by purchasing a BART ticket and agreeing to obey the rules of conduct set down by BART within their stations and trains. Cell service is provided as a courtesy and can be revoked at any time. This is not a First Amendment issue.

When will the public hooligans stop and realize that free speech is not free service, or free everything for that matter? Nowhere in the Constitution did the founders say that the government has to provide the venue and infrastructure for your rants and raves, only that you’re allowed to rant and rave.

Personally, I’d be much happier if BART completely eliminated cell service. I’d have a much quieter ride without the uncultured, rude people screaming into their phones, forcing all of us to hear their business while we’re trying to read or carry on a conversation. They can wait a few minutes to yak on the phone later.

Kirk Ryan, San Leandro


Enough temper tantrums

Members of Anonymous who are howling “foul” because BART shut off cellphone service and thwarted plans to wreak havoc on commuters are the poorest of poor sports — throwing a tantrum, screaming for justice and pouting because their plans to disrupt got disrupted.

BART management has not only a right but an obligation to defend itself against would-be saboteurs.

Belinda Berry, Walnut Creek

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