Should Sarah Palin be in Wisconsin this weekend? 

If the battle between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his GOP allies in the state legislature and the public employee unions of Wisconsin government is Ground Zero for the struggle for America's future, where is Sarah Palin? Where is the Tea Party?

The left was prepared for this battle and they have done a masterful job of turning out their shock troops to create chaos and confusion, to say nothing of posing an intimidation factor against Wisconsin taxpayers and their legislators.

The public employee unions didn't expect Gov, Chris Christie to have such success in New Jersey and they weren't ready to respond to him nationally. Now that they know taxpayers are ready to support courageous officials like Christie and Walker who challenge the unions, the bosses have drawn the line in Wisconsin.

President Obama recognized the strategic importance of Wisconsin, dispatching Democratic National Committee operatives to help frame the communications combat between the unions and Walker. With the help of sympathetic liberals in the mainstream media, they have successfully framed the debate as a clash between heartless Republicans who want to strip heroic public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

The unions are willing do whatever is required to protect their incredibly generous compensation and they will fight tooth and nail to avoid having to help pay, even minimally, for those benefits. And as long as taxpayers remain silent and continue to allow themselves to be used, why shouldn't the unions do this?

They made a corrupt bargain with Democrats (and some Republicans in the past) to fund their re-election campaigns in return for protection against proposals to trim public employee compensation to make it more equitable, compared to the compensation being paid to productive taxpayers in the private sector.

And the Wisconsin Senate Democrats even conveniently disappeared - abdicating their responsibilities as senators - in order to prevent Senate Republicans from acting.

In fact, the struggle in Wisconsin is a microcosm of the 70-30 conflict described by AEI president Arthur Brooks and it will be repeated across the country in coming months.

But so far the Tea Party movement that so dominated American politics in 2010 is all but invisible in Wisconsin. Palin has an unmatched capacity to motivate millions of Americans to political action. If ever there was a time to make use of that resource and demonstrate to the nation that taxpayers will no longer be silent, Wisconsin is the place and now is the time.

Where is Sarah Palin? Where are the Tea Party leaders? Where are the leaders of the conservative movement?  

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