Sheriff responsible for his own problems 

After following the saga of suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi for the past few months, the recent findings and stories surrounding him are very disturbing.

First, he was deceptive when it came to his guns, and then he seemed to obstruct the police’s attempts to secure them. And his claim that his guns were “buried deep in the house,” making it difficult to retrieve them, doesn’t fly.

Well, if he buried them deep, then he knows where they are and can go uncover them, right?

I guess he didn’t learn anything when he went through the police academy: integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, the very tenets of what it means to be in law enforcement. And now he tries to minimize what happened between him and his wife (“New testimony bucks sheriff,” Monday)?  

If this is how he views his personal behavior (that if we don’t know enough about it, we won’t find out), then he truly is lacking in morals and integrity. This is why he must be removed. A public official (in any capacity) who operates this way cannot be trusted — period.

Edmund Lee
San Francisco

More Cliff House changes

Carolyn Copeland’s article about the wind turbine planned for the Cliff House (“Wind turbine planned for historic restaurant,” Sunday) neglects to mention the most recent, comprehensive renovation of this structure just a few years ago, which replaced its popular, more affordable and user-friendly restaurant with the current upscale ones, and relocated its adjacent vintage and much-loved Musee Mecanique from the Outer Sunset neighborhood of its origin to Fisherman’s Wharf.

An ocean-facing wind turbine sounds like a very good “new” tourist magnet; boarding up half of the building’s east-facing windows along the Great Highway to accommodate the pricey new burger joint (replacing a former charming gift shop) have already created an eyesore.

Go for green — with the caveat: Let the blades blend well!

Diana Scott
San Francisco

Let voters decide turf war

I think my point was missed (“Turf war all about location,” Letters, Friday) by a recent letter-writer.

As to “toxic fields” being implemented at parks, I knew nothing about the plastic fields at Crocker Amazon Park until they were already in. A friend who can see the stadium lights from his front room knew nothing about the plastic fields there until they were installed. The only community that was informed about the Beach Chalet plans were the soccer players. I never knew about it until I was given information at a Sunday Streets event.

If you think everyone wants this stadium complex in Golden Gate Park, let’s bring it to the tax-paying voters. This issue is too important for all of The City, not just a few people who play soccer. Remember, there are many alternatives.

Ellen Leaf
San Francisco


AC bus saved BART rider

I know many BART riders such as myself got some disturbing news at our respective BART stations Thursday morning due to the fire that necessitated the closure of West Oakland station.

I was among the lucky ones who were able to get to MacArthur station, where AC Transit buses were waiting to take us across the Bay Bridge. Everyone sighed a sense of relief and I would say that it was a good effort to get us to work on time.

Way to start the day on an otherwise bleak morning.

John Tanwani

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