Shame on the World Health Organization for its cellphone scare tactics 

I have to say I’m disappointed in the World Health Organization for issuing a phony health scare regarding cellphone use and cancer when by its own admission it has no experimental data to support this conclusion. When organizations like WHO issue this kind of scare it calls into question their conclusions about the dangers of everything else they claim causes cancer.

When scientists abandon the scientific methods and form conclusions that are not based on factual evidence, it discredits science. In the case of cellphones there is no mechanism for causing cancer. Cellphones emit electromagnetic waves that are the same as sunlight, but far weaker. It is irresponsible to assert a conclusion where there is neither data nor a theoretical mechanism to support the assertion. WHO — shame on you!

Marc Perkel, Gilroy


Communist economies

The communist countries are already celebrating their prediction that by 2015, China will have overtaken America as the world’s economic power.

And already North Korea has announced its poll on the world’s happiest countries, China had 100 points, its own country had 98 points and America had practically no points at all.

This is supposed to get America thinking about the weakness of democracies and the economic strength of communism. America’s many wars defeated communism, but by 2015 the communist countries expect to control world wealth.

Frank Norton, San Francisco


Ignoring the Constitution

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in a recent dissent, argued that the high court should ignore the written law in a case before the jurists, and should instead look at the overall statute to “illuminate Congress’ intent.”

We wage war in Libya by authority of the 1973 War Powers Act. The time limit that permits this engagement has run out. We wage war in Afghanistan by authority of public law 107-40, this allowing the “necessary and appropriate” use of force to bring to justice the 9/11 terrorists. The Iraq war was authorized by House Joint Resolution 114, putting backbone into our United Nations commitment.

In effect, these authorizations were our congressional declarations of war.

Apparently, illuminated intent is good enough for judges and lawmakers when they have a “living Constitution” to work with.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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