SF's Little Star Pizza heads east 

San Francisco’s Little Star Pizza, which Jon Guhl co-founded with Brian Sadigursky in 2004, has opened a third branch in Albany offering lunch service and pizza by the slice.

What inspired you to open a Chicago-style pizza place in San Francisco? I had a little takeout and delivery place in Berkeley and I was looking to expand. There was nobody doing deep dish in The City, it was kind of crazy and I had a good recipe. It was a slam dunk.

Why Albany? A lot of people that are leaving San Francisco are going to communities like Albany because it has a top-rated school district. If you have a good school district, you’ll have families coming by, and they’re always cool customers.

How do you feel about New York pizza?
I love thin-crust pizza. I love deep-dish pizza. I don’t even participate in the debate.

What is your favorite brand of Chicago pizza? What always had homey appeal — probably because it’s the first I ever had — is the original Pizzeria Uno. I had a good experience there and I like the back story, that it was the original one. There’s a little bit of romance associated with that, I think, and the product was based on that when I first started practicing at Little Star.

What’s the new space like? Because we got to build it ourselves, it’s really well-considered. It’s worth a trip. We’re really proud of it.


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