SFPD FAIL: Robot fumbles grenade 

Sometimes a robot just can’t replace a human, as was the case this morning in Potrero Hill when the San Francisco Police Department bomb squad arrived to take care of five or six grenades left over from grandpa’s war chest.

The newscasters over at KTVU watched with amusement and then shocked disbelief this morning as a bag containing grenades ripped open while in the grasp of the bomb squad robot.

A grenade tumbles to the concrete, but luckily does not detonate. Instead of reaching back down to pick up the discarded incendiary device, the robot – or rather the human controlling the robot – decides to move to and fro until the grenade is firmly lodge under the robot’s tread.

Instead of pulling the plug at the point, the robot then moves forward, running over the grenade like a speed bump. Watch the whole thing below starting at 2:30 and listen to the folks over at Channel 2 try to explain what police were thinking.

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