SFPD details Mirkarimi gun search 

Mirkarimi's three guns finally ended up being booked at the SFPD Property Control Section. - S.F. EXAMINER FILE PHOTO
  • S.F. Examiner File Photo
  • Mirkarimi's three guns finally ended up being booked at the SFPD Property Control Section.

When suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi first came under investigation for domestic violence against his wife, he had to surrender his guns. But police investigators had a hard time obtaining them from Mirkarimi, who may have misled investigators about their whereabouts, according to documents filed in his official misconduct hearings.

As a member of the Board of Supervisors, the progressive stalwart consistently favored gun control. He once drew court opposition from the National Rifle Association over a move to strengthen The City’s rules for handguns in homes.

Yet when it was time to surrender his guns, Mirkarimi didn’t immediately hand them over, police said. When they told Mirkarimi they knew of three firearms registered to him, he said he only had two, which were “buried deep inside the house.”

“Mirkarimi stated that he only had two weapons, and I advised him that a Smith & Wesson revolver, a Sig Saucer, and a Beretta were registered to him,” Inspector Richard Daniele said in a written declaration. “Mirkarimi stated that he sold the Smith & Wesson revolver to a fellow recruit at the Police Academy in 1996.”

But when police followed up, all three guns were in the custody of the Sheriff’s Department and not with police, as dictated by criminal investigation standards. Robert Waggener, Mirkarimi’s attorney at the time, told investigators the guns had been handed over to Capt. Kathy Gorwood in the Sheriff’s Department.

“I said to Captain Gorwood that my partner and I would come to pick up the weapons registered to Mirkarimi,” Daniele wrote. “Captain Gorwood replied, no, we are handling it.”

Days later, an order from the District Attorney’s Office compelled the Sheriff’s Department to hand the guns over to San Francisco police investigators.

“We transported the weapons to the SFPD Property Control Section and booked them in for safekeeping,” the report says.


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