SFMTA needs improved management, not offices 

Just like your columnist Steven Greenhut said Sunday, “A bigger government does not make us a better people.” Nor does bigger office space on Market Street necessarily make our Muni transit system “more reliable and durable,” as claimed by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency  Deputy Executive Director Carter Rohan in a Friday letter.

Perhaps Rohan could explain how bigger office space is more important than cutting an unabated $22 million deficit? The SFMTA would be paying $141,000 in rent and $20,000 in operating costs per month for 40,000 square feet of new office space while retaining 12,500 square feet at its present five locations.

Shame on the Board of Supervisors majority for voting to approve this without first solving the problem of continuing poor management and errant operators!

Ann Grogan
San Francisco

Stop CPMC shakedown

Where do the mayor and the coalition of labor and “community organizations” get the idea that they have the right to shake down California Pacific Medical Center, as reported in Under the Dome on The San Francisco Examiner’s website?

CPMC is on a tight schedule to meet the upgraded California earthquake safety regulations for hospitals. San Francisco needs the construction jobs. These jobs and sales of construction materials will lead to revenue for The City.

Hopefully, the mayor and coalition members will come to their senses and back off before CPMC leaves town.

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

CPMC should give us park

For four years, we residents and businesses of the Polk Gulch neighborhood have asked CPMC for an open-space park as part of its new Van Ness campus — just like the two parks at the Pacific Heights CPMC campus.

We have many seniors here living without benefit of any open space at all.  The same goes for children, teenagers and just plain folks. CPMC has consistently ignored us or said, “It’s too hard,” or “Sorry, we tried.”

Now, the neighborhood is being asked to write letters of support for CPMC. Maybe — when they hear and support us, their new neighbors.

Carolynn Abst
San Francisco

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