SFMTA must improve workplace environment 

Let me get this straight: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency chief Nathaniel Ford wants to correct his budget mismanagement, in effect, by issuing more parking tickets to San Francisco residents, the people who are already taxed to the hilt by The City. But on the other hand, one-third of his Muni operators are on disability that makes them ineligible to work or be productive.

Any enterprise with a workplace disability rate this high is a crime. If Muni were a private company, both the management and the union leadership would have been replaced. Who would go to work if you knew you had a 30 percent chance of being disabled that day? I can’t believe OSHA hasn’t taken notice of this obvious unhealthy and dangerous workplace environment. This is correctable and reversible with some common-sense management.

City residents should know that when they get their next parking ticket, it’s to supplement and pay for Muni’s labor inefficiencies, absenteeism and management chaos.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Preference for peace

My granddaughter and I spent 10 days in Croatia, where her great-grandparents were born before they came to America. We celebrated our connections with our roots. We found nothing but peace and laughter, sausage and love at the crowded festive table.

We returned to San Francisco in time for the Arizona news flashes reporting an American nightmare. Slaughter on the street at a botched assassination scene.

In Croatia and in Venice, moderate men and women prefer daily joys, not stressful semantics and madness. Croatians prefer fewer guns, more bread and wine — they like watching sunrises and sunsets. Their blessed surroundings are not unlike San Francisco.

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

Great speech just missed

Thank you for your great Friday editorial. I also thought President Barack Obama’s address Wednesday in Tucson, Ariz., was well-conceived, well-delivered and surely something this country needed to hear.

Your editorial pointed out that Obama said, “We are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do.”

I only wish he had said that two years ago when he evidently thought his administration had all the answers, instead of now when they have been so badly hammered during the last election. Then I would think he really meant it.

Robert Parkhurst, Atascadero

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