SF school district cracking down on address fraud 

Parents who lie about where they live to send their kids into public schools in The City are being caught at a greater rate and shelling out for hefty fines as the result of a heightened crackdown on address fraud.

More than 80 kids attending San Francisco Unified School District campuses have been told not to return this fall because the families were lying about their addresses. Last year, it was around 30.

School spokeswoman Gentle Blythe said San Franciscans who pay local taxes should get priority.

The uptick in busts is partly due to a new tip line that encourages people to report address fraud.

Families face fines between $300 and $2,000. The offense is considered perjury and could be grounds for prosecution, the district said.

Address fraud is not new, but the need to stamp it out has heightened as SFUSD begins a new assignment system next year that places more emphasis on sending students to campuses nearer to their homes.

In the first round of the most recent lottery, only 60 percent of participating families received their top pick.

Parents want a system that is fair and works and that people aren’t cheating, said Ruth Grabowski of the Parent Advisory Council.

Fraud alert

Investigations this year: 105
Families caught lying: 80-plus

Report fraud:
(415) 522-6783 or addresstipline@sfusd.edu

Source: San Francisco Unified School District


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