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Cole Valley, Haight, Castro, Twin Peaks, Panhandle

Auto burglary takes ugly turn: A resident heard his car alarm sounding at 7:26 a.m. on April 8 at the 200 block of Downey Street and allegedly saw a suspect in his car. The car owner went out and confronted the suspect, who fled. The car owner pursued by bicycle and called 911. Officers caught up with the chase and as one officer attempted totake the suspect into custody, the suspect allegedly attacked him. The suspect was then wrestled down to the ground. The officers were able to locate several victim vehicles in the neighborhood, and verify that property found on the suspect matched property missing from the violated cars. The suspect was booked for the auto thefts as well as assault on an officer.

Home burglary: A 70-year-old woman called a plumbing business at 10 a.m. on April 6 to come to her house at the 800 block of Clayton to install a new toilet. Two black males in their 30s arrived and allegedly told her she had been overcharged on her water bill and wanted to give her a refund. They asked if she had change for a hundred dollar bill; she went to a drawer and gave them change. She and one of the males then went to different rooms to check the water pressure. The next day the victim realized that $500.00 was missing from her purse.


Financial District, Nob Hill, Chinatown, North Beach, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill

Felony vandalism: Officers were called to Hotaling Alley at 1 a.m. on April 8, regarding a group of young men who were fighting and damaging vehicles outside a nearby club. The suspects allegedly kicked over four motorcycles, damaging them before they could be stopped. Officers booked two males for public drunkenness and felony vandalism.


Mission district, Noe Valley

Resisting arrest: At 6:29 a.m., April 8, an officer responded to a noise complaint involving three men at the 3300 block of 25th Street. One of the men did not have a current registration as a sex offender and allegedly refused to be arrested. The officer warned the 5-foot-11-inch, 320-lb. suspect that he would be struck by a baton if he did not comply. Neither baton strikes or pepper spray had any effect. A passing motorist attempted to help as backup officers responded and apprehended the suspect. Witnesses were heard yelling for the officer to stop striking the suspect.

Employee discount: A store owner at the 4000 block of 18th Street said that when he came into work on April 4, his security tape revealed that his employee had closed up the store and gave away free merchandise. He also allegedly took a large sum of money from the cash register. The employee then reportedly took his own personal information in what appears to be an attempt to hide his identity. This case was referred to the Investigations Bureau.

Pimping/pandering: Two females were seen at 12:43 a.m. on April 6 by officers trying to solicit potential customers on the street corner of 18th Street and South Van Ness. The prostitutes were later found going to the vehicle of their suspected pimps. A stop of all the subjects was made; the women allegedly admitted to being prostitutes from Oakland and one admitted that one of the males was her boyfriend and pimp. All were arrested on various charges, including felony pimping and pandering.


Glen Park, Bernal Heights, Excelsior, St. Francis Wood

Reckless driving: At 5:17 p.m. Tuesday a person was allegedly seen driving recklessly at London and Excelsior at high speeds, going through numerous stop signs. The driver quickly parked the car and tried to hide behind a parked car. The officer cited the resident of the 200 block of Paris for reckless driving and for not having a license and car insurance. His 1990 Ford was towed.

Resisting arrest: A parking control officer was trying to tow a car at 11 a.m., April 9, on the 600 block of Ogden but the owner locked himself in the car and would not come out. The arrival of an officer enraged the car owner, who emerged from the vehicle brandishing a box cutter, screwdriver and metal pipe. The officer confronted the suspect, who then was arrested for brandishing a weapon as well as resisting arrest and a traffic warrant.

Brotherly love: At 5:25 p.m., April 8, officers responded to a report of two adult brothers fighting at the 800 block of Cortland, after one had allegedly stolen money from the other. The fight escalated to the point where one of the brothers was kicked repeatedly in the head. The officers arrested a resident of the 100 block of Apollo for felony assault and grand theft from the person.

Caught on way out: Three officers responded at 7:10 p.m., April 8, to a residence on the 300 block of Holladay where a resident had called the police as a man was allegedly trying to break down the back door of the house. The suspect was observed by the son of the resident trying to enter through a window near a fire escape. Lt. Meixner detained the suspect in the back yard of the residence. The suspect allegedly admitted to having a $100-a day-narcotic habit and was intent on burglarizing the residence. The suspect was arrested for attempted burglary, assault on an officer, possession of narcotics paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

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