SF physician weighs in on biopuncture 

Lee Wolfer is a physician who practices spine and sports medicine in San Francisco at the Chiro-Medical Group, her private practice, and in Daly City at the Spinal Diagnostics and Treatments Center. She recently appeared on the “Dr. Oz Show” as an expert on biopuncture.

What is biopuncture? It is a new European injection-based treatment using botanical remedies as well as glucose to treat pain and inflammation for common problems such as sprains and strains, joint and spinal pain, tendonitis, and shoulder and nerve pain.

When should biopuncture be recommended? It is a safe, effective tool to fight pain and can be used with conventional methods of treatment or when they fall short.

What is the goal of biopuncture? Conventional medicines often suppress your symptoms and may or may not work, and you have to take high doses for long periods of time. Biopuncture’s goal is to inject small microdoses of medicines, which wake up the body’s own natural healing process. It is not a stand-alone treatment. Patients need to eat well and exercise, but it is a safe, effective new tool.

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