SF district attorney should take lesson from Dutch pot rules 

After District Attorney George Gascón meets with representatives of medical marijuana groups (“DA and pot clubs set to team up, hash out rules,” April 23) to find “workable solutions so patients can have safe, legal access to medical marijuana,” he should schedule a meeting with parents and educators about so-called “safe access” to medical marijuana, especially with groups from the Sunset district who were successful in stopping a pot shop in their neighborhood.

Gascón should also ask the Dutch government how their medical marijuana program works. The Dutch have a medical marijuana program that is medically supervised, unlike the program of California, which is medically unsupervised, uncontrolled and unmonitored for product impurities. He should also ask why the Netherlands classifies cannabis with a THC content over 15 percent as an addictive drug along with heroin, cocaine and other drugs. The Dutch estimated that 50 percent of recreational marijuana should be banned because of high THC content.

Fiona McGregor
San Francisco

Drive 55 mph for health

The health benefits of lowering the speed limit on area highways were sadly absent from coverage of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s proposal aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (“Slowing Down to Spare the Air,” April 19).

Vehicle exhaust is a well-documented trigger for asthma attacks. Asthma is the No. 1 chronic illness among children, and kids suffer the consequences of poor air quality greatly. Asthma is a main reason for missed school days among children and missed workdays for their parents.

As a student nurse, I have seen families confront the limits of changing personal habits to optimizing a child’s health. All too often environmental factors are the main contributor to asthma exacerbations. When debating the merits of improving air quality, we should also consider the benefit it has on children’s and the public’s health.

Adam Leonard
San Francisco

Stop anti-Iran rhetoric

President Barack Obama was wrong to use the Holocaust Memorial Museum as an election-year platform to announce new sanctions on Iran. Campaign “photo ops” equating Iran’s nuclear program with the persecution of Jews, Gypsies, gays and political prisoners by Nazi Germany do not further the necessary dialogue that needs to take place between the American and Iranian governments. 

Rather than trying to outdo each other in bellicose rhetoric toward the Iranian regime, both Obama and Mitt Romney should acknowledge that Iran has legitimate concerns about its own security and that America simply can’t afford another open-ended Middle Eastern war.

Whose children are going to be sent to invade and then occupy a de-nuclearized Iran, anyway?

Colin V. Gallagher
San Francisco

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