SF can keep golf course while protecting frog 

Thanks for The San Francisco Examiner’s March 2 story covering the Sierra Club’s efforts to protect the endangered California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake from dying off, due to mismanagement of the Sharp Park golf course.

Our goal in pursuing litigation is to ensure that San Francisco follows scientific recommendations and takes action to protect the threatened animals.

However, the Sierra Club has not specifically endorsed removal of the golf course, as your story implies. We will be satisfied if The City finds a way to run the facility while protecting the habitat in a way that truly ensures survival of these important species.

Bruce Hamilton, Deputy Executive Director, Sierra Club, San Francisco

An idea: Backyard hangars

Hurray for the March 3 San Francisco Examiner editorial lambasting the freedom-busting idea of providing a transit option to Dulles Airport outside Washington D.C. But the editorial didn’t go far enough.

Just as mass transit forces us to travel when and where the government decides, airline schedules constrict when and where we can fly.

Let’s get rid of the airlines and build a hangar and runway in everybody’s backyard. Sure it will take up a lot of space, and we’ll have to find some more oil and it might get a little noisy and smoggy but let the “rabid environmentalists” deal with that and other “livability” concerns. Mobility equals freedom.

Jerry Robbins, Alameda

A shield for bad teachers

Although I generally side with unions and the right to organize, I think tenure for teachers is an abuse of the system. When I was in the eighth and ninth grades I had an incompetent English teacher who enjoyed abusing students. But the principal said there was nothing he could do because teachers with tenure can’t be fired.

The very idea that some people get a job for life without any kind of accountability is just fundamentally wrong.

This incompetent teacher stayed in her job till she was 65 and then went on to collect from the system for another 25 years till she finally died at 90.

I support the rights of teachers to have unions but I also support the right of students to be protected from teachers who aren’t qualified to teach. Tenure should go.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

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