Sestak and Israel 

Jennifer Rubin reminds us that Joe Sestak signed a letter regarding Gaza that “call[ed] for Israel to sacrifice its own security to allow materials into Gaza that could easily be converted to weaponry and could provide cover for smuggled weapons.” Rubin correctly identifies that where a politician stands on the Gaza issue is definitive:

Gaza remains a defining issue, separating the true Israel-bashers from the simply misguided and the pro-Israel. If Jew, gentile, or Muslim can’t bring himself to deplore the use of civilian targets by Hamas and to acknowledge the right of Israeli self-defense, then you know whatever “pro-Israel” or “pro-peace” credentials they are flashing are fake. If you’re with Richard Goldstone, you’re not in favor of a robust Israel with the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks.

It’s worth also noting that Sestak received the endorsement of non-friend of Israel J Street yesterday, which happened to be the day after Keep Israel Safe released this powerful ad exposing the Pennsylvanian politician:

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