Serj Tankian squeezes in System Of A Down reunion show at Shoreline 

When Armenian/American rocker Serj Tankian recently read the news that the world’s most ancient sandal, dated at 5,500 years old, had been unearthed in Armenia, “That made me laugh, really hard,” he says.

“And I thought ‘Yeah! This is why Armenians are in the shoe business!’ And my dad was in the shoe business, most of his life, too. But now, of course, everything’s made in China. ...”

Tankian can’t help it — he sees everything through a sharp geopolitical lens, like the score he just composed for Steven Sater’s new Aeschylus-inspired musical “Prometheus Bound” (with a Shirley-Manson-sung single, “The Hunger,” already available at iTunes).

“We were given the tools of fire, we started our civilization, and here we are — look at what we’ve done with it,” sighs the ardent follower of James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory. “And according to Greek legend, Prometheus was punished for giving us that fire. Maybe now we know why — we have become the disease.”

Ostensibly, Tankian should be on the road promoting his second symphonic solo set, “Imperfect Harmonies,” and its followup EP “Imperfect Remixes.” Or perhaps stumping for Axis Of Justice, the socially conscious nonprofit he formed with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello. Instead, fans will find him at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View this Sunday, fronting his recently-reunited aggro outfit System Of A Down, who temporarily regrouped for some European festivals but decided to keep right on touring. Tankian barely had enough time to do a handful of book readings, from his latest poetry anthology “Glaring Through Oblivion.”

All of his work stemming from his basic tenet that “we’ve created our own post-agrarian world which is unsupported by science, as far as our rationale of how we’ll be able to live on this planet in the way that we do. So now we’re just trying to find ways to avoid the inevitable. And they’re not there.”

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