Senate Sources: Obama close to signing DISCLOSE Act Executive Order 

According to Republican sources on the Hill, President Obama may be days away from signing an Executive Order that would make many provisions of the failed DISCLOSE Act law by fiat. As we reported last month, the order would require all companies that sign contracts with the federal government to report on the personal political activities of their officers and directors.

The White House claims the EO would make the federal government more transparent. But a quick look at who Obama chose to exempt from the EO shows this is false: unions that sign collective bargaining contracts with the federal government would be exempt from the “disclosure” requirements. The clear intent of this bill is to suppress speech and punish Obama’s enemies.

According to a Congressional Research Service review of Executive Orders over the last 40 years, no White House has ever issued an EO dealing with campaign finance. Signing the DISCLOSE Act EO would be an unprecedented power grab by Obama

Last month, US Chamber of Commerce’s Bruce Josten explained why Obama might be forced to issue the EO: “There’s been too much visibility not to proceed. They’ve now created an expectation of this.”

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