Senate GOPers buck up House Republicans on importance of $100 billion in spending cuts 

Eleven GOP senators are appealing to House Speaker John Boehner to insure that Republicans in the lower chamber pass a spending bill that cuts at least $100 billion from the previously approved continuing resolution for the 2011 federal budget in preparation for even deeper reductions in succeeding years.

The letter follows a decision by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to move a bill that cuts only $58 billion from the continuing resolution level approved by the 111th Congress, which had Democratic majorities in both chambers.

In their 2010 campaign Pledge to America, the House Republicans had promised to cut at least $100 billion from the budget in their first year in the majority.

Ryan's spokesman point out that the measure now being considered covers only the seven remaining months of Fiscal Year 2011 and that it represents what would amount to a $100 billion cut were it for a full 12 months.

Be that as it may, the Senate GOPers want the House to do at least $100 billion now:

"We applaud your efforts to cut out-of-control federal spending and begin the long journey to restore the federal government to its proper constitutional bounds. We conservatives in the Senate join you in this journey, and the American people clearly stand with us.

"We believe that, as part of the urgent need to cut federal spending, the total value of the fiscal year 2011 spending reductions in the upcoming continuing resolution should be no less than $100 billion. The American people expect at least this level--which is just one-fifteenth of the FY2011 budget deficit.

"In order to have the best chance of enacting into law $100 billion or more in spending reductions this fiscal year, we need the House to pass a CR containing no less than $100 billion in FY2011 spending cuts.

"Since the Democrats still control the Senate, we need the House-passed CR to be as bold as possible in order to strengthen the hand of Senate conservatives in increasing or maintaining the spending reductions.

"We look forward to working with you on immediate and assertive steps to reversing the unconscionable growth of federal spending over the last decade."

 The signers include Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, John Ensign of Nevada, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and David Vitter of Louisiana.

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