Senate Dems to OK two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts. What changed in one week? 

Looks like that two-week, stop-gap Continuing Resolution containing $4 billion in spending cuts will be adopted by the Senate this morning. This is the same CR that passed the House earlier this week on a 335-91 vote that included ays from 104 House Democrats.

A Republican friend in the Senate is cheered by these developments, but, being a bit of a curmudgeon on occasion, also notes some of the statements being made by Senate Democrats about this same CR just last week:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spokesman Jon Summers on a two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts:

“This bill would simply be a two-week version of the reckless measure the House passed last weekend. It would impose the same spending levels in the short term as their initial proposal does in the long term, and it isn’t going to fool anyone.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois on a two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts:

“Less than a week after passing a job-killing continuing resolution, House Republicans are doubling down, proposing a ‘compromise’ spending plan that takes their irresponsible cuts even further…Less than 90 days into the job, House Republicans seem more interested in shutting down the government than showing the leadership necessary create jobs and help the economy recover.”

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee Chairman Sen. Patty Murray of Washington on a two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts:

“This ‘new’ proposal is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the extreme and reckless legislation recently passed by House Republicans. Senate Democrats rejected that proposal because it would pull the rug out from our economic recovery and devastate millions of families and small business owners across the country. And we reject this one because our economy can’t afford the drastic shock that independent analysts have predicted the Republicans’ budget would impose, no matter how briefly it may last."

Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee Chairman Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska on a two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts:

“However, we cannot jeopardize our long-term economic growth with reckless cuts and political ploys. The recent proposal from the House Republicans is not a practical approach to reducing the size of government or investing in our economy, but merely a two-week stopgap that puts critical funding for education, public safety, and other investments in our future on the chopping block.”

Unnamed Democratic Senate aide on a two-week CR with $4 billion in cuts:

“This is not going to draw the votes from Democrats that they hope, certainly not enough to get 60. It’s their same bill, in disguise as a prorated version. They are just trying to throw different versions of the same proposal out there so they can look like they are making repeated attempts to avoid a shutdown.”


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