Sen. Scott Brown: GOP needs a truck, a barn coat, and a Cosmo center-fold to win in 2010 

Sen. Scott Brown was the star of the Massachusetts Republican State Convention last weekend, and offered a 'blueprint' for victory to Republicans running for office in 2010:

Number 1: You’re going to need to buy yourself a pick-up truck. And if you’re really serious about winning – you need to get a green 2005 GMC Canyon and put 200,000 miles on it by campaigning around the state.

That’s 28,000 miles per month until Election Day, folks!

Number 2: Get yourself a barn jacket and wear it. Everywhere. Wear it all the time ...on the campaign trail, on dates with your spouse, to bed, out jogging, to church, in front of your kids’ friends. Just wear it everywhere and never take it off.

Number 3: And, I take this last one VERY seriously. Don’t be shy about pulling out those old Cosmo pictures from almost 30 years ago. That even means you, Charlie Baker!

After drawing some laughs from the crowd, Sen. Brown offered his real prescription for victory:

Seriously, the best advice I can give our candidates is, be yourself. Speak from your heart, look people in the eye, give them honest answers based on fact and without the usual political rhetoric. If you can do that, and hold fast to the principles that have built and guided our nation from the very beginning, then you will have a solid shot at winning.

Read his entire speech here:

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