Sen. Leland Yee speaks out on ‘latest assault on Asian cultural cuisine’ 

State Sen. Leland Yee is likely to make a few enemies when he begins his run for mayor of San Francisco in earnest.

A few that he can count on? Frogs, turtles and sharks.

Yee today took a stand in favor of shark fin soup. A proposed state law by South Bay Assemblyman Paul Fong would ban the consumption of shark fins entirely, in order to curb practices where fins are harvested but the rest of the shark is dumped back into the water.

In a statement released Monday, Yee acknowledged that shark finning is an issue, but argued that there are ways to handle the practice other than completely banning their consumption, which he described as “the latest assault on Asian cultural cuisine.”

“Some sharks are well-populated and many can and should be sustainably fished,” he said.

His statement noted that just last week, he successfully fought a proposal that would have banned frog and turtle consumption, which are also cultural staples in some Asian cultures.

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