Sen. Landrieu thinks she's a good person for extorting $300 million from taxpayers 

Yesterday, Senator Mary Landrieu took to the floor of the Senate to defend the $300 million "Lousiana Purchase" backroom deal that she struck in exchange for her vote on health care reform. Her defense of the deal boils down to it's okay because she thinks she's a good person. From Politico:

"I have spent 30 years of my life trying to represent the people of my state and make them look good,"  Landrieu said. "Never, never in my life have I ever or will ever throw the people of my state under the bus to save my reputation or my job. I know what I am inside. I don't need anyone to remind me of the goodness that I have inside. My parents do that, my husband does that, my children do that for me every day. And I don't most certainly need anyone, and I don't need this job badly enough."

Well, then the deal must not be corrupt because she says she has "goodness inside." Whew, glad that's sorted out. I would really hate to sully the reputation of a pure-as-driven-snow Louisiana politician with more talk about why buying her vote with hundreds of millions of dollars to pass legislation that would put 17 percent of the nation's economy under the boot heel of the Government is a bad thing.

And since when do the people of Louisiana need Mary Landrieu to "make them look good"? The problem is that she sold her vote, not that she made Louisianans look "bad."

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Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018


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