Sen. Coburn not alone in his view that school lunches cause diabetes 

Liberals are screaming online about Republican Sen. Tom Coburn's remarks earlier in the health care summit -- that the government is creating new diabetes cases every day through the school lunch and food stamp programs. But the view expressed by Coburn -- a medical doctor -- is not nearly as controversial as you may think.

Consider this op-ed from the New York Times last February, written by two advocates of increased funding for the school lunch program:

Launched in 1946 as a public safety net, [the National School Lunch Program] has turned out to be a poor investment. It should be redesigned to make our children healthier...

On top of [reimbursements], schools are entitled to receive commodity foods that are valued at a little over 20 cents per meal. The long list of options includes high-fat, low-grade meats and cheeses and processed foods like chicken nuggets and pizza. Many of the items selected are ready to be thawed, heated or just unwrapped — a necessity for schools without kitchens. Schools also get periodic, additional “bonus” commodities from the U.S.D.A., which pays good money for what are essentially leftovers from big American food producers...

Cash-strapped parents should be able to rely on the government to contribute to their children’s physical well-being, not to the continued spread of youth obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other diet-related problems.

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