Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., clearly didn't read the bill...or the court cases, or the news coverage 

We already have doubts about whether senators and congressmen actually understand the bills they vote for. But surely, we can at least bank on the idea that by now, nearly a year after its passage, they know what's in Obamacare. Right?

Wrong. Check out this amazing interview with ABC "Top Line:"

“There are 35 million people out there that would like to have health insurance and they want to know is the law constitutional or not,” [Sen. Bill] Nelson [D-Fla.] told us...

Asked what would happen if the Supreme Court tosses out the health care law, Nelson responded:

“I think that's a possibility, but it's not a probability. We were very careful when we crafted this law. It is going to pass constitutional muster. There might be parts of it that might be struck down. But there is at the end of it what is called a severability clause, that says if parts are stuck down, that doesn't strike down the whole law.”

Shortly thereafter, ABC posted this update:

Despite what Sen. Nelson told us about the inclusion of a “severability clause” in the health care law, the law actually does not contain such language.

Not only does it not contain that language, but the fact that it doesn't contain the language has been a big deal for months. It has now been discussed at length in two major court opinions striking the law down in whole or in part. If Senator Nelson of Florida can't read the bills he votes for, can't he at least read the news coverage or listen to NPR?

I cringe at the thought of what would have happened if Sarah Palin had said something like this.

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