SEIU fails in attempt to challenge Democrat who voted against Obamacare 

The SEIU made big noises about challenging Democrats who voted against Obamacare. They even promised to create their own political party in North Carolina to challenge Rep. Larry Kissell, D-N.C., as payback. However, it looks like either the SEIU’s plans here were too ambitious, they lacked support for a new party or both:

A defiant move by one of the nation’s most powerful unions to help oust Democrats who voted against the health-care bill by establishing a third political party in North Carolina has failed because organizers did not collect enough signatures to qualify for the November midterm elections.

The Service Employees International Union and its North Carolina affiliate did not gather the 85,000 signatures by Tuesday’s deadline. But organizers said they are drafting an independent candidate to challenge Rep. Larry Kissell, a first-term Democrat from a swing district who voted against the bill.

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