Seeking truth behind Mirkarimi allegations 

I have read of the domestic violence accusations against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with mixed feelings. After carefully looking at the facts, I don’t think a man who was about to be sworn in as sheriff would do something like this with so few days before his swearing-in ceremony. Also, there had not been any evidence of previous domestic violence in his household, and his wife did not contact the authorities herself.

With these facts, I could deduce that this might be a political plot to damage Mirkarimi’s reputation. A day that was supposed to be full of honor and pride was overshadowed by scandal. I hope he will be cleared of all charges.
On the other hand, it is difficult to trust our politicians. We heard former President Bill Clinton denying any inappropriate involvement with Monica Lewinsky, and it turned out to be all lies. John Edwards, Jesse Jackson and many others denied allegations that turned out to be true. Let us hope this is an exception and Mirkarimi can serve the people of San Francisco diligently.

John Tanwani


Politicians above the law
I believe in the saying, “You are innocent until proven guilty.” But if Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is found guilty of domestic violence charges, I don’t think he will be punished in any way.  

Ordinary laws don’t seem to apply if you are a politician. The only one who went to jail around here was Ed Jew.

Maria De La Mora
San Francisco

Put brakes on transit site
Considering the likely impending doom of high-speed rail in California, does it make any sense continuing to build a downtown San Francisco terminal for it? With The City’s crumbling infrastructure and ballooning unfunded liabilities, why are we throwing money down that hole? Do we really need a billion-dollar bus station at First and Mission streets?  

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Reading meters is pricey
I strongly support PG&E’s proposed fee for house-call meter readings. But I’m disappointed that the fee only “helps pay” for the cost of the required meter readers.

Let’s figure out what the actual cost is and charge that — I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more in California than the $12 a month charged in Maine.

Maybe then some of those complaining about the SmartMeters who have a cellphone in their pocket and a wireless router in their bedroom will think twice about the jeopardy of a few seconds of data transmission from their backyard.

Mike Reitsma

Mitt is a bad fit for GOP
No wonder President Barack Obama wants to run against Mitt Romney. Romney can’t speak from the heart. It’s just not “there.” Watch the GOP debates. Who really has answers?  Romney doesn’t have the experience to deal with Congress. He has never even been there as a congressman.

Romney doesn’t have a track record of balancing a budget or reducing taxes on a federal level. Bain Capital and what they did will be a wonderful argument for the Democrats to use.

Romney is a huge, huge problem for the Republicans. If the GOP puts him in as the next “establishment candidate,” they will trigger a third party, force many voters away from the polls with no clear choice — and get Obama re-elected.

Janet Campbell
San Francisco

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