Sean Feeley drives to be the fastest soap box racer 

The reigning champion of the Red Bull Soap Box Race in Los Angeles will drive his “Jurassic Park”-themed soap box for his Bay Area team on Saturday, trying to beat his record of 46 mph.

Why did they choose you as the driver?
Because no one else on my team was crazy enough to volunteer. We did this once before, in 2009. We did some testing and it was down to the wire to finish the build and they didn’t really have seatbelts yet. Turns out I went 46 mph and I had no idea how dangerous the course was.

What’s the course like?
It’s sort of treacherous. It has two jumps over 11 feet, a 90-degree quarter-pipe turn built into it.  

Would you rather be the fastest or the funniest? I definitely want to put on a good show. A T-Rex is going to be chasing us down the hill.

Any advice for your competitors? Stay out of the way! No, we just went into it last time, you know, not caring and having fun building it. Although there’s a lot more expectation, everyone’s gunning for us, I don’t want to destroy the fun.

— Kamala Kelkar

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