Se. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., to force vote on earmark ban 

Earlier today, Roll Call reported that House Speaker Pelosi is considering a year long ban on earmarks. In the Senate, Jim DeMint plans to call her bluff by forcing a vote on a similar earmark ban in the Senate, using an oscure rule that allows him to force a vote on something at the end of a bill's consideration. Here's the release DeMint just sent out:

“Nancy Pelosi and I don’t agree on many things, but if she’s willing to take a stand for taxpayers, I’ll work with her to put an end to the earmark favor factory,” said Senator DeMint. “Americans have been disgusted by the backroom deals and earmark kickbacks used to ram through bad legislation and drive up our debt. Right now, earmark lobbyists are flooding Capitol Hill hoping to secure billions in taxpayer dollars for special interest projects. The Senate will have the opportunity this week to stand with Americans and put a stop to this wasteful spending. Our nation is drowning in debt that will be paid by our children and we’ll never stop Washington’s spending addiction unless members of both parties take bold action. We need to focus on balancing the budget, not pork barrel spending that has wasted money on bridges to nowhere, teapot museums, and monuments to politicians.”

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