Scott Wiener pushes for ability to change voter-approved measures 

Voter-approved ballot measures lock The City into a number of policies. To change them would require going back to the ballot. That often prevents basic changes from being implemented.

Supervisor Scott Wiener plans to introduce Tuesday a charter amendment for the November ballot that would set up procedures to allow the voter-approved measures to be changed without having to return to the ballot.

“Sometimes we have ordinances adopted by the voters that are outdated or need to be changed. Currently, all of these changes, no matter how small or universally agreed upon, require the cumbersome process of going back to the voters,” Wiener said in a statement. “This amendment is a first step to improving the agility with which our government functions. It will allow the Board of Supervisors to do its job.”

How it would work is that after a measure is approved no changes could be made for three years. Then for the next four years, changes could be made with a two-thirds vote by the board. Then after seven years, a simple majority-vote could change or repeal the measure.

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