Scott Wiener aiming to undermine SF voters 

Scott Wiener wants to strip the voters of their right to vote by amending the charter to allow the Board of Supervisors to amend or repeal voter-approved measures.

He is proposing this amendment “to begin reforming our rigid and dysfunctional ballot measure system” whereby “it only takes signatures of four supervisors to put an ordinance on the ballot.”

I view this as undermining the will of voters. Ballot measure reform doesn’t start with removing the will of voters; it starts with tougher prerequisites to place measures on the ballot.

Ed Louie

Rude Muni driver chatter

In the latest episode of Muni personnel rudeness I have witnessed, the driver was chitchatting all the way from Fillmore at Bush streets to the Transbay Terminal with someone who looked like a Muni trainer or supervisor.

While they were talking about their personal lives, one passenger approached the woman driver and asked what the next stop on Market was. She yelled at him to back off and did not answer. How could this passenger even think of interrupting their important private conversation?

The passenger eventually got off and the trainer got on the phone while peacefully resting his tired feet on the bus seats — which I recorded in a lovely cellphone picture. And the driver kept shaking her head and calling the questioning passenger stupid.

We love our Muni.

Barbara Maco

City must maintain trees

Mayor Ed Lee, who has given San Francisco a $6.8 billion budget — up from $6.48 billion last year — claims he doesn’t have the money to maintain the trees that the city government planted without the permission of the affected property owners. He wants to force the property owner to be responsible for the maintenance.

Ed Reiskin, The City’s Department of Public Works director, said, “We’d really rather not have to do this, but feel it’s the responsible and equitable thing to do, given the state of our resources.”

In fact, Lee and Reiskin are being irresponsible by shirking their duty to maintain the trees that the San Francisco government forced on the property owners at the behest of now-Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

It is inequitable to force already overtaxed property owners to pay for what is rightfully a city function.

What’s next? Will Lee and Reiskin attempt to force property owners to fill potholes in front of their property created by years of The City’s neglect?

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

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