Scott Walker or Chris Christie for President? No way 

Many conservatives are understandably fond of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who are fighting the good fight in the face of powerful entrenched special interests. Partly because any successful and conservative governor is considered a candidate for President, and partly because the current 2012 field is considered lacking, conservatives are already dreaming about Walker or Christie running for President.

But the trait that makes these two men attractive as presidential candidates -- the appearance of serious dedication to the painful task of saving a state from fiscal ruin amid corruption and cronyism -- is the same trait that precludes them from running.

Liberals charge Christie and Walker with being politically motivated opportunists. I'm pretty sure they're mostly wrong about Christie. I don't know about Walker (his excluding firefighters from his proposed limits on gov't-union collective bargaining  does smell to me of opportunism). Whatever their true motives, if either man runs for President he undermines his own work in two ways:

1) He makes the liberal charges look true.

2) He looks a bit like Sarah Palin, quitting his job so early on. This is made worse by the fact that they would still be leaving with their states in very bad shape.

Sure, both men should be considered in 2016, but for now, they should -- unlike President Obama these days -- tend to their own jobs and mind their own business.

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