Scott Ott on the " Contradiction of being a Republican" 

If national GOP leaders ever could grasp what Scott Ott is saying in his "The Contradiction of being a Republcan" post, they could inspire a national grassroots movement the likes of which hasn't been seen in this country for decades. Here's just a taste of a thoughtful and concise take on the attitude needed from top to bottom:

"To be active in Republican politics is to live a contradiction. We’re working to elect politicians, but we believe the ultimate answers don’t lie in government, but rather in private-sector liberty, industry and the resulting dignity…and often prosperity."

This is the reality the GOP's national leaders in the White House, Congress and the political committees blithely ignored just long enough to get themselves tossed out of office at the worst possible time for this country.

And it points to what ought to be most fundamental difference between the two major parties (but too often in recent years was not): Republicans should seek office to reduce their power as government officials, while Democrats for the most part seek office to enhance the power of government.

Go here for the rest of Ott's timely post.  

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