Scoop: Will Charlie and Brooke reconcile after alleged threat? 

Just what is going on between Charlie Sheen and his wife? Brooke Mueller called 911 on Christmas to report that her husband had threatened her with a knife?, but days after divorce talk (inevitably) ensued, the mom of 10-month-old twins Bob and Max was already trying to save her marriage. Forgive and forget?-- or does Brooke have a financial incentive? 

Brooke's attorney filed a motion last week to have changes made to the restraining order that currently prohibits the couple from being in contact. A court date originally set for Monday was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. 

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported that Brooke was enticed to stay with the "Two and a Half Men" star by the promise of an additional $1 million added to her prenuptial agreement if she sticks it out? and zilch if Charlie ends up in jail for assault.

"She'll stay in it for now because she doesn't want to be broke," a friend allegedly told the site. "But that marriage has been over for a while."

"Brooke's been wanting a divorce for at least two months, but she was holding out until Charlie signed a new contract [for his sitcom]," a source informed E! Online. "She thinks she can get more money."

Brooke's lawyer denies such a deal has been floated, telling "People," "I have heard nothing concerning any kind of talk about financial issues between Brooke and Charlie."

If what she said in that 911 call was true, would any amount of money be enough to stay with him?


Elin's New Year

Speaking of wives with difficult decisions to make, Elin Nordegren also wasn't in contact with her husband over the holidays— but it was by choice, not because of a court order. Mrs. Tiger Woods made the best of her winter vacation with an under-the-radar stint in the Alps (despite alleged sightings of her Stateside).

On New Year's Eve, the model dined with out with a party of eight friends and family members. She was having a good time," a pal of the betrayed beauty told "People." "As good of a time as possible. Under the circumstances." The following day, Elin celebrated her birthday.

As for Tiger? TMZ reports that he was supposedly spotted at a Trump hotel in NYC, partying with a "leggy blonde"-but the sightings seemed dubious. Oh, good, because we would hate to lose any respect for him.


Kate and Owen: Again?

A high-profile breakup like Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez's isn't enough fodder for the tabloids: They have to get other celebs involved in the scandal. So recent reports are claiming that the "Fools' Gold" star (a) broke up with the Yankees slugger over his ex Madonna, and (b) has since gone back to her own ex, Owen Wilson.

"Kate was mad with jealousy" over her baseball-star beau's ongoing contact with the pop icon, one source explained to "OK!" "She gave A-Rod three chances to stop contacting Madonna. How would you feel if your new boyfriend kept calling his ex?"

The heartbroken actress "said that if Madonna is what A-Rod wants then she can have him," relayed the source. (Should Jesus Luz be worried?)

Meanwhile, another twist on the Kate saga is offered by "In Touch," whose so-called insider claims the actress has found comfort by rebounding back into the arms of on-off beau Owen.

"They hadn't seen each other for some time, but when things took a turn for the worse with Alex, Kate got in touch with Owen," says the source. "They are reestablishing their friendship-we'll see what happens." 

And the third time just might be the charm. "They know each other really well. They were talking about getting married at one time," adds the insider. "Their friends also think there are unresolved feelings between them. There's something there."

Who knows? If Jude and Sienna can get back together, anything is possible.


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