Scoop: Tiger and Elin having secret divorce talks 

Tiger Woods named his yacht Privacy, but he hasn’t gotten much of it since, oh, around late November, when his sex scandal broke. Now, he’s trying to regain some of the control he formerly exerted over the details of his private life. The disgraced golf great and wife Elin Nordegren may divorce in her native Sweden, so the terms of their eventual agreement won’t become public in the U.S.

TMZ reported that the estranged couple are trying to hash out an agreement so they can quickly and quietly file for divorce and get it finalized. The website’s sources claim that custody and visitation rights are an unresolved issue, and that Tiger wants to be sure he can go to court, either in Sweden or the U.S., to enforce a custody agreement, if necessary.

Elin has been renovating a house in her homeland and reportedly wants to move there with her children. But that doesn’t mean she’ll try to keep them from their dad.

“Elin wants to share custody; she wants Tiger to be a big part of the children’s lives,” a Radar Online source said. “And both have done a great job trying to keep their problems away from the kids.”

All we can say is, thank goodness the tykes aren’t old enough to read.

Dinner With Bieber

OMG! Justin Bieber was spotted Monday night going out to dinner with Miley Cyrus. But put down your torches and pitchforks, tweeny-boppers: They both insist it was all business.

The “Hannah Montana” star told practically salivating paparazzi outside West Hollywood’s Ari-Ya Sushi the pair were powwowing to discuss “a side project.”

Though Kim Kardashian was recently deluged with death threats from ardent Bieberphiles on Twitter after he joked she was his “girlfriend,” Miley will presumably escape their wrath, since he innocently tweeted about having “met up with a friend for dinner.”

Or maybe it’s all a double-negative reverse psych-out and they’re actually a couple?

Britney: You’re Fired!

Apparently Britney Spears has decided — belatedly — that it’s unwise to mix business with pleasure. Her romantic relationship with agent Jason Trawick is going strong, and she has opted to sever professional ties with him.

The “Circus” singer and her beau “have decided to end their professional relationship and focus on their personal relationship,” a rep told People magazine.

Breakup rumors have dogged the couple, but “they are very happy,” a source said. “Things are really good with them.”
Well, you know things are going well in a romance when someone gets fired.

Larry’s Marriage

We can sleep at night now: Larry King is not getting a divorce. After holing up at a hotel for a few weeks, the CNN host has moved back in with seventh wife Shawn and their two sons.

Though each suspected the other of cheating — she with the boys’ baseball coach, he with her sister(!) — the pundit’s rep said they “have resolved their issues.”

Interestingly, though, when TMZ asked Larry about his marriage, his response was, “The story is never over.”
Ah, young love. Or ... something.

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