Scoop: The real reason Lindsay’s in rehab? 

Is rejection the reason Lindsay Lohan landed in rehab? According to rumors, Lindsay has had a longtime (by her standards) crush on hottie actor James Franco("Spider-Man"); he previously refused to accept a watch she bought him as a love offering. But when he blew her off at Prince’s post-Golden Globes party, LiLo lost it, reports the New York Daily News.

"She seemed lost," a source told the paper. "She was trying to get James’ attention, and he wouldn’t give her anything. … She ran out crying."

Reportedly Lindsay wound up passed out in a hallway later that night; cut to Wednesday, when she checked into the posh Wonderland rehab facility — where, on the bright side, mom Dina says she’s doing great.

While she wouldn’t address why her daughter’s in rehab, Dina told "Entertainment Tonight" she’s "taken the initiative to be in a better spiritual and mental place."

Watch hunky James Franco with Lindsay Lohan in a cameo appearance from the movie, "The Holiday" and you'll see the heat, even though the only video available online is dubbed in Spanish (below). Hey, it's the language of love that counts, right?

Oprah’s Secret Shame

It’s no wonder that Oprah Winfrey is able to empathize with millions of women going through tough times. Turns out the talk show mogul has been hiding a painful past — and the sting of betrayal from a loved one who sold her secret.

At 14, Oprah bravely recounts in the new issue of her magazine "O," after a childhood of abuse and "promiscuity," she became pregnant. "I was so ashamed, I hid the pregnancy until my swollen ankles and belly gave me away. The baby died in the hospital weeks later."

Only her closest loved ones knew — but one reopened the wound by selling the tale to a tabloid in 1990. Oprah recalls, "I took to my bed and cried for three days. I felt devastated. Wounded. Betrayed."

But the harrowing experience allowed Oprah to let go of fears that people would judge her when they found out: "I soon realized that having the secret out was liberating. … What I learned for sure was that holding the shame was the greatest burden of all."

Jennifer Connelly: African Adoption?

Jennifer Connelly is reportedly considering following in the footsteps of Brangelina and Madonna and adopting a child from Africa. But the Oscar-winning actress, who warmed to the idea while shooting "Blood Diamond" in Sierra Leone, has hesitations. Since Kai, 9, her son from a previous relationship, has already adjusted to a stepfather (actor Paul Bettany) and half-brother Stellan, 3, she fears a new family addition could be too much.

"One of the kids I became close to [there] was older than him," Jennifer explains, according to reports. "Would my son feel displaced, all of a sudden having an older sibling who didn’t speak the language and would need so much more time and attention?"

"These are all concerns of mine and reasons why I didn’t come home with a child even though, believe me, I would call Paul at night when he was away. I’d say, ‘There’s this baby and I don’t know what to do and I love him so much and if I leave him here he might die.’ It’s complicated, but we are still considering."

Britney Breakup Alert?

Is Britney Spears' latest fling over as soon as it began … or is the pop tart just trying to throw us for a loop?

Thursday, Britney told paparazzi that she and her new beau, Isaac Cohen, were "not together." That’s odd, because they reportedly spent Friday night, well, together.

A source told Star magazine’s Web site that while the couple arrived separately at a Hollywood nightclub, "they were definitely together all night. But what was weird is that they left together. At 3 a.m. Isaac walked Britney out to her car and said goodbye and she drove off."

That’s it — we give up. Britney’s love life is just too complicated.

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