Scoop: Spencer controlling Heidi’s every move 

Is Heidi Montag being controlled by Spencer Pratt? The “Hills” villainess famous for molding her face and body with plastic surgery is being molded into a different person by her husband, sources tell OK! magazine.

“I always used to think of Heidi as independent, but she’s become Spencer’s little blond puppet,” one former confidante says. “Here she was, a smart, beautiful girl, and she’s changed herself so much that she’s almost unrecognizable.”

And we’re not just talking about those double-D cups (or whatever they’re up to now). Sources say Heidi is being manipulated into doing whatever her husband wants.

“Spencer has a knack for figuring out someone’s weaknesses and exploiting them. He knows how to push Heidi’s buttons,” a friend says. “He made Heidi give up all her friends for him. He even made her pick between her family and him. I have seen Heidi cry because she doesn’t know what to do.”

Heidi can actually cry?


She won an Oscar and heaps of critical kudos for “Dreamgirls,” but as an aspiring pop star, Jennifer Hudson hasn’t really made an impact on the charts. Now comes word that her second album could fall victim to a sophomore jinx, as music-industry bigwigs who have heard the material are underwhelmed.

After the songs were played for a group of songwriters and producers, “the consensus was that the songs were so not J.Hud,” an industry insider tells the New York Daily News. So the new mom headed back into the studio to start over. 

“The songs she recorded so far were mostly Euro-dance music suited for Rihanna or Lady Gaga,” the insider says.

But, her rep insists otherwise: “We’ve received terrific feedback on the material.”

However, another source has a different take: “She definitely had to go back into the studio.”

And, from another industry source: “Jennifer’s first album managed to go platinum thanks to name recognition and the wave she was riding from ‘Dreamgirls,’ but it didn’t yield any major pop hits.”

Hm. This industry source wouldn’t happen to be named Beyoncé by any chance?


Jenny McCarthy appears to have a new beau — but if she’s to be believed, she still hasn’t found out his name.

After making out with a “mystery man” in Las Vegas last month, she was spotted having dinner with him and some pals at L.A.’s Katsuya on Friday night.

“She looked happy,” a bartender at the eatery tells Us magazine. “They were very affectionate.”

The pair were then spotted together again Saturday, when the comedian tweeted, “Omg. I ran into mystery man at katsuya last night. What a coincidence! I made out with him again. Now I really REALLY want 2 know his name.”

Well, she seems to have at least gotten his number. Either that, or he’s stalking her.

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