Scoop: Sandra wants to keep Jesse James in her life 

In a poignant interview, Sandra Bullock told the U.K.’s Hello magazine that Jesse James is still a “bittersweet” part of her life — and her adopted son, Louis, is a “brother” to her estranged hubby’s three children.

“I will be adopting as a single parent,” said “The Blind Side” star, who was blindsided by revelations of Jesse’s infidelity. “Anything else will be taken day by day.

“I have a different relationship with Jesse now. A bittersweet one. One of new understanding. One of forgiveness. One of support for his recovery. One that changed my life. I don’t really know how our paths will intersect in the future, but the father I have known Jesse to be with all the kids is one that I hope Louis can experience one day, no matter how Jesse and I go on with our lives.”

Sandy added of the biker’s three children: “I know my role is not one that exists on paper, but Louis is their brother, and Jesse and I will do whatever it takes for them to know that their world will not change and still be protected and safe and full of love. It will just have a slightly different dynamic now.”

Louis is a lucky kid to have a mom who’s capable of being so loving — even as her heart is broken.

Bret’s Getting Better

Bret Michaels is out of the hospital and — while not exactly ready to resume partying like a rock star — is expected to make a full recovery from the brain hemorrhage he suffered in April.

“Mr. Michaels was indeed a lucky person, a very lucky person,” said his neurosurgeon, who has touted the Poison frontman’s intense will to live.

“He’s improving,” the doctor said. “I really expect that he will fortunately make a 100 percent recovery. He’s just one of those lucky people — the 10 to 20 percent who make a complete recovery and can resume all of their normal activities.”

The rocker turned reality TV star is said to be walking unassisted, and “his level of consciousness [has] returned to what we call normal.”

“We’re pretty confident he does not have an aneurysm or other problems with his blood vessels that could result in a recurrent hemorrhage,” the doc said.

Still, don’t expect Bret to hop back on the “Rock of Love” bus right away.

“He’s still very sick right now, [but] he’s a very determined person,” said the doctor, according to People magazine.

Keep fighting the fight, Bret!

Heidi’s Getting Bigger

Here we go again: Heidi Montag reportedly wants more plastic surgery after deciding that her breast implants aren’t big enough. Though hubby Spencer Pratt has tried to deter the already half-fembot reality TV starfrom getting more work done, she’s said to insist on enlarging her, um, assets from 700 to 800 ccs.

And, presumably since U.S. doctors have banned her from further cosmetic procedures, the “Hills” star is said to be planning to make a trek to Europe for the boob job.

“She wants to do it within the next two months and film it for the new TV show she and Spencer have been pitching to cable networks E! and Oxygen,” an insider told Life&Style magazine.

What prompted this move toward more massive mammaries? Spencer explained to the tabloid that his wife was “in shock” after she visited Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and he told her in the studio that “her breasts didn’t look that big to him.” Evidently, that was enough to prompt her to go under the knife again.

Is it just us, or does Heidi, after all her surgeries, look pretty much exactly the same — only more plastic?

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