Scoop: Relax, Brad — Johnny’s just not into Angelina 

Since Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp started filming “The Tourist” in Venice together, speculation has been abuzz that the Oscar-winning actress will indulge her tendency to fall into bed with her co-stars (whether or not they’re already involved with someone). Well, Johnny’s longtime love Vanessa Paradis can evidently breathe a sigh of relief, since Johnny is said to be less-than-gaga over Angie.

According to OK!, the “Salt” star “just isn’t Johnny’s type.” A source snarks, “Trust me, kissing Angelina Jolie on camera is the least exciting thing he’ll do all year.” Come again?!

The “Alice in Wonderland” star “likes to do movies that are a lot weirder” than the romantic thriller, explains the source.

“Johnny’s dream co-star is someone more along the lines of Helen Mirren.” (Or, presumably, a CGI caterpillar.)

This should come as a relief to Angie’s baby-daddy Brad Pitt, who’s been showing their six kids around Italy while she films — perhaps to keep tabs on his partner.

“Brad doesn’t mean to act jealous,” says the source, “but he’s not comfortable letting his woman get really close to one of the sexiest men alive.”

Well, Brad is a former Sexiest Man Alive himself. But if he’s really feeling threatened by Johnny, he’s not doing himself any favors with that hideous grizzly beard!


Dancing Diva

Yesterday, we told you how Kate Gosselin’s eight kids are reportedly unhappy about her long hours on “Dancing With the Stars.” And now comes word that her castmates aren’t too thrilled with her being on the show, either.

The former suburban housewife-turned-reality star is acting like a “total diva” with her frosty behavior toward fellow contestants — who include some actual stars, mind you — and crew, reports the New York Post. She even allegedly outdiva’d Johnny Weir, who decided not to appear on the show due to her presence.

We can’t wait to find out how audiences react to Kate when she finally gets out on the dance floor. Will they love to hate her — or just hate her?


Gerard: Single!

Gerard Butler says he and Jennifer Aniston aren’t dating, but that doesn’t mean his rep as a ladies’ man is unwarranted.

“I went for her birthday to Mexico,” the hunky Scot, Jen’s co-star in “The Bounty Hunter,” acknowledges, but adds, “We’re just friends.”

“We have a natural chemistry — you can see it in our [W] magazine shoot and the film,” says the “300” star. “But here’s the thing — while they’re accusing me of being with Jennifer, I’ve probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else.”

Gerard says he’s become more cautious about hookups since rising to fame, “because I’m way more paranoid now.” That said, “I’m not saying I’ve cut that part out. I’m certainly no angel. There’s no smoke without fire.”

And no doubt plenty of ladies out there are interested in striking up some sparks.

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