Scoop! Paula explains her odd TV appearance 

Paula Abdul has justified her recent odd behavior on a Seattle TV show last week (she was equally strange on KTVU with Ross McGowan), blaming the little voices inside her head — that is, the ones coming through her headset.

"I did a big week of press all last week in New York, and on the third day I did one of those press junkets where you’re in that one little room and you’re looking at one camera and there are 30 cities talking into your ear," the "American Idol" judge explained to Jay Leno on Monday’s "Tonight Show." She went on, "I guess Alabama was in my ear and so was Seattle at the same time, so I’m answering questions to the wrong answers of the cities. So they’re going, ‘What the heck? ... What is she saying?’"

Abdul insisted the incident was "not my fault. I was having fun." The kind of fun involving, say, alcohol or drugs? "Absolutely not," her manager insisted to People, adding that the incident was "really much ado about nothing."

Maybe … yet this isn’t the first time Paula’s on-camera comments have failed to meet standards of coherence, so it’s no wonder speculation persists that there could be more than technical difficulties afoot.

But the "Straight Up" singer is not letting this latest mishap get her down. "I answered the right questions in one of the cities," she pointed out to Leno.

That’s our Paula — no matter how embarrassing a performance is, she finds something positive to say.

Jess: Market Loss

Jessica Simpson has found out the cost of fame: her supermarket privileges. Paparazzi hounding has gotten so bad, says the "Employee of the Month" star, that she was actually banned from going to the grocery store.

"Two weeks ago, I was at Whole Foods and probably about 100 photographers were outside waiting for me," the singer recalls to the U.K.’s Glamour.

"The manager gave me his card and said, ‘Jessica, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t come in during store hours. Give me a call and I’ll open up early or you can come in after we close. But this is very distracting for all my customers.’

"I looked at him kind of shocked. Then I was just mad, not at him but at the situation. I couldn’t even live my normal life anymore."

After seeing Jessica try to cook at home on "Newlyweds," we wonder if the guy wasn’t doing her a favor. Jess, maybe this is the universe’s way of telling you to stick to take-out.

LiLo: Out of Line

Didn’t LindsayLohan learn anything from "Mean Girls"? The star engaged in a very high-school-level shouting match with some fellow scene queens when she violated a primary rule of female ethics: Don’t hog the ladies’ room when there’s a line!

At Hollywood club Les Deux on Friday, Star reports, La Linds spent a solid 20 minutes inside the restroom, while outside, a crowd grew increasingly restless.

Halfway into the wait, the bathroom-bound babes resorted to shouting insults, cursing and kicking the door in futile efforts to hasten the dawdling diva’s exit.

But when she finally emerged, Lindsay didn’t take the high road, instead demanding to know who’d been cursing her out. A bystander described LiLo’s behavior as "like an eighth-grader fighting back, when she should have let it go and moved on."

Even more mortifying, her remarks were met with mocking laughter and more name-calling.

Blushing furiously, the "Bobby" star fired off one more insult before beating a hasty retreat.

Sorry, Linds, but when you go against bathroom etiquette, you go against the entire sisterhood of women!

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