Scoop: Model claims affair with Bullock’s hubby 

Aw, say it ain’t so! We think Sandra Bullock and Jesse James seem like a real down-to-earth couple, even though she just won an Oscar. But now a tattoo model is claiming that while Sandy filmed “The Blind Side” — the role she won for — she was having an affair with Jesse.

“I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man,” Michelle McGee, who is aptly enough nicknamed “Bombshell,” told In Touch magazine. “He gave me the impression they were separated.”

After she approached his West Side Choppers in hopes of getting a modeling gig, “Bombshell” said, Jesse invited her to come “hang out.” At her first visit, she claimed, she asked, “What’s going on with you and Sandra?” His shady response — “She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it” — somehow convinced her they were estranged, and they proceeded to have “intimate relations.” Thus, allegedly, commenced an 11-month affair, with steamy hookups at least a couple times a week.

After the scandal broke, Sandra canceled a scheduled appearance at the London premiere of “The Blind Side.” She released a statement saying, “Due to unforeseen personal reasons, a trip abroad to support ‘The Blind Side’ has been deemed impossible at this time.”

If this is true, we are very, very disappointed in Jesse.

Unhappy Home?

It’s not all “Home Sweet Hollywood” for Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott, according to a new report. Though the “90210” star and her actor hubby appear to be the perfect couple (well, by their own standards) on their reality TV shows, Life&Style magazine reported that the fifth season is marred by dramatic screaming arguments, with Tori lamenting, “It’s like you got more and more unhappy and angry. I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much.”

What’s going wrong? Dean confessed he’s “not present as a father and a husband.” And the tabloid elaborated: He frequently leaves Tori with son Liam and daughter Stella while he pursues his expensive hobby of auto racing, despite the fact that Tori’s the one bringing in most of the family’s money. 

“Dean has very little money of his own,” an insider said. “He doesn’t make a lot of money from his acting career. She has to work and parent and take care of the home all at once.”

Still, all that said, “she won’t leave Dean right now,” the source said. “It would be very embarrassing for her and her family. She’s stuck.”

She’s stuck?! He’s the one with a ginormous tattoo of her face and cleavage that takes up his entire arm!

Happy Couple

Well, at least there’s one married couple in Hollywood that isn’t having problems: Despite rumors to the contrary, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are still going strong, insiders told the New York Daily News.

“People have been saying that they are on the rocks because they haven’t been spotted together recently, but that’s only because they are both busy working,” said the source, who added the pair have a pact not to talk about their relationship publicly. “She’s been doing up to eight shows a week on Broadway, and he’s been shooting ‘Green Lantern’ in New Orleans. It’s been tough, but they’re making it through just fine.”

Look, you might as well be happy for them. It’s not like you had a shot at one of them anyway!

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